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Why Hire a Consultant

Breweries seek the input and advice from a consultant or expert for a variety of reasons. Examples of why you might need a brewery consultant include:

  • You have a need for the expertise and specialized skills an experienced consultant provides. Your brewery consultant provides you with sustainable solutions for problems, without the trouble and cost associated for full-time hire.
  • You don’t have enough resources (in-house staff) available to tackle large/complex project or don’t have the time to tackle special cause problems for which solutions are needed immediately. Your consultant acts like an additional recourse and supplements your team, either temporarily or through an ongoing engagement.
  • You need a pair of fresh eyes that can address a problem without the possible filters that in-house staff may have.
  • You need fresh, new ideas an “outside expert” can bring to the table. As an expert, your brewery consultant can draw creative ideas from a wide experience base.
  • You need special training for key staff members.
  • You need someone to hold you and your staff accountable for results and cost to achieve a solution, translating into economic savings for your brewery.

What to look out for when choosing a consultant
When choosing a consultant, a brewery should look for some critical and essential characteristics that a distinguished consultant will possess. These include:

  • Educational background: The educational background of the individual consultant(s) is important. If a consultant advises directly in brewing technology and technical brewing issues, a formal degree in Brewing Science is essential. Worldwide there are quite a few outstanding institutions available that deliver superb education in Brewing Technology and Brewing Science. Possessing a formal degree from a recognized institution is indispensable for a brewing expert to have.
  • Experience: It’s important for a brewery consultant to have experience in a variety of situations. At a minimum, 10 years of experience as a Brewmaster (or in a leading position in the brewing industry) is what you would expect from an expert brewery consultant.
  • Proven successful track record: A proven track record of success is absolutely essential and something you want to see from a “consultant” before you trust him or her to handle your projects, concerns etc. A consultant for the brewing industry needs to have a record of being successful before he or she advises others on brewing practices.
  • Special skills and extra qualifications. Additional education, qualifications, and useful special skills are characteristics a good consultant should possess. This will make a consultant more valuable to your brewery.

Why choose Boettcher Brewery Consultant LLC

Boettcher Brewery Consultant, LLC with Peter Boettcher as consultant and brewing expert focuses on the operational and technological side of brewery operations with a strong emphasis on meaningful quality control standards.

Peter focus on the application side of the brewing process and in the early critical stages of various projects like expansions, selection of equipment, etc. He will advise you on the engineering side as well, but focuses more on the all so critical tie-ins to the brewing process and brewing operations.

Choosing a consultant is a matter of trust and reliability. Peter has the education, the expertise and additional special qualifications; as well as a proven track record of success that enables him to work as an expert consultant and provide you with solution to your problems. He take your matter personally and will not rest until he finds the right solutions and your project has been successfully executed.