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Brewery Consulting Services

Start up consulting services for Brew Pubs, Micro Breweries and Craft Breweries.

  • Capital Projects – Equipment selection – consulting and commissioning
  • Recipe Development
  • Planning – Execution from start to finish
  • Quality Control
  • Start up training
  • Development of operational procedures, SOP’s

Consulting services for Operating Micro Breweries – Craft and Regional Breweries


  • Improvement of shelf life
  • Improvement of consistency of all brands
  • Improvement of quality metrics by shifting the mean
  • Drinkability – sensory evaluation – improvement of physiological properties.


  • Process capability analyses
  • Process efficiency improvements – Brew house efficiency improvements
  • Structured problem solving – execution of targeted improvement projects
  • Failure mode analyses – process control – address centering issues
  • Waste water reductions and Energy savings

Brewing Technology

  • Technological optimization of the whole brewing process
  • Recipe-development-optimization
  • Raw materials selection development of effective quality standards
  • Evaluation of current fermentation technology
  • Selection and confirmation of proper fermentation profile and style
  • Yeast management – optimization
  • Aging – Filtration – Package release evaluation – Improvements – Optimizations


  • Training of Head Brewers and Brewing Professionals
  • Development of various training materials and safety aspects
  • One on one targeted training

Quality Control

  • Development of practical and effective Quality Assurance and QC programs
  • Evaluate and improve current quality control and microbiological analyses
  • Evaluate and improve sampling plans
  • Correlate relevant QC information into practicable brewing solutions and process optimizations