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Journeyman Brewer Academy

Boettcher Brewery Consultant is pleased to offer the Journeyman Brewer Academy series of online classes. The program provides much-needed education in the field of brewing and malting, with a variety of brewing classes offered throughout the year.

Classes range from Journeyman Brewer to the advanced Technical Brewer Certification program. The Technical Brewer Certification program consists of 2 classes, the Applied Brewing Science Class and the Advanced Brewing Practices Class.

It provides highly qualified employees for the workforce’s demand for certified brewers in the craft beer industry in Texas and across the Country. It does so through online instruction. Since its creation, the Brewery Program has produced a 98 percent job placement rate and will continue to do so by expanding its partnerships. The pairings of these classes are a pipeline that enables the professional brewers as well as the hobby-beer-lover to become a head brewmaster and/or craft-beer business owner.


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Journeyman Brewer

6 week online course $3600

This is an educational program tailored to the needs of Micro, Craft and Industrial Brewing personnel working within the production side of the brewing industry. The program teaches basic understanding of all aspects of the brewing process, including machinery and equipment for packaging. It provides students with essential knowledge of the raw material used in brewing and in technical and technological aspects of the entire brewing process. It also includes an introduction to basic quality control analysis.

Journeyman Brewer includes a two-week practical brewing Internship at a local brewery where students are immersed into the day-to-day brewery operations.

After passing a final examination students are highly qualified for a responsible brewer position within the brewing industry. This course is also ideal for passionate home-brewers who seek to get their foot into the door of professional brewing at the same time remaining relevant to current brewery personnel.

Technical Brewer Certification program (Online Program)

2 month online course $5000

The Technical Brewer Certification program is an advanced educational program in Brewing Technology and Brewing Operations Management. It’s tailored to the needs of Leadership in the Brewing Industry and provides the necessary theoretical and practical background for Lead Brewers and Head Brewers to successfully manage and Lead Brewing Operations. The Technical Brewer Certification program consists of 2 classes. The Applied Brewing Science Class and the Advanced Brewing Practices Class.

Applied Brewing Science
This advanced brewing course provides students with a deeper understanding of the technical, technological, and quality aspects of the brewing process. It covers the entire brewing process from raw materials and brew house technology to fermentation-technology, as well as the filtration and packaging process. Students also gain a deeper understanding of Quality Management systems and cleaning/sanitation practices with the ability to apply these skills within brewing operations.

Advanced Brewing Practices
This course teaches detailed knowledge and the skills necessary to effectively lead and manage the daily operations of a production brewery. It emphasizes the practical operational side of brewing management and leadership tasks. It also covers advanced scheduling techniques, proper reconciliation and efficiency calculation throughout the production areas, understanding and monitoring of key process indicators. Additional material includes process optimizations and Project Management.


  • 18 years or older
  • Completion of the Journeyman Brewer Certificate (or equivalent) or pass an assessment test
  • 1 year of practical brewing experience